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Mikono 'comfort': chair with bouncy backrest and thicker legs
Mikono 'light': chair with less bouncy backrest and thinner legs
Also available with closed armrests
Legs can also be upholstered
Jean-Pierre Audebert

Jean-Pierre Audebert

A fast career in French design
French interior designer, member of the renowned Paris ‘Société des Artistes Décorateurs’, an organisation which groups the crème de la crème of French designers, both in the areas of interior design and architecture. Graduated from the ‘Ecole Boulle’, Audebert earned his spurs with home interior projects and designs for financial institutions, public buildings and schools. He devised a range of different projects for the French High-Speed Train or TGV network.

  • Chair available without or with closed armrests.
  • Mikono comfort : chair with bouncy backrest and slighty thicker legs.
  • Mikono light : chair with less bouncy back and thinner legs. (- 3 kg compared to chair comfort)
  • Available in leather, fabric or microfibre.
  • Frame : metal frame with zigzag springs in the seat and bouncy backrest.
  • Choice legs : conical legs alu high-gloss or covered in leather. Optional other fine textured JORI standard lacquers.
  • Felt glides for stone and wooden floors. Teflon glides for carpets.
  • Height arm : 65 cm.
  • 2D and 3D images for visualization are available on our website.
  • Seating furniture with removable covers (to be done by an industrial third party)