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2 exceptional awards: Daydreamer

With his interpretation of the recliner DAYDREAMER, German designer Joachim Nees initiates an outspoken new and rejuvenating aspect of the JORI recliner collection.

This has not escaped the attention of the international ‘Rat für Formgebung’. The professional jury of the Iconic Interior Awards awarded this creation as being ‘Best of the Best’ within its category ‘Seating Furniture’ and moreover, no less than the ‘winner’ of the German Design Awards 2020 within the category ‘Furniture’. Click here for more information about the model 'Daydreamer'.

Thanks to both exceptional awards, JORI’s Daydreamer gets a prominent spot at the Iconic Interior Awards Exhibition during IMM Cologne.

2 exceptional awards: Daydreamer
'Good Industrial Design'-Award: FUGA

The finely sculpted flanks and the sumptuous seating comfort of the armchair Fuga, have not escaped the notice of the independent jury of the Dutch Design link.

Earlier this month the news came that Fuga was awarded with the recognition of Good Industrial Design. Receiving a 'GIO' is the proof of top design craftsmanship in all areas, and underlines the knowledge of both the designer and the production units.

Grateful result: Fuga may show off, among other recognized products, at Dutch Design Week, for a week and a half, from 19 to 27 October in Eindhoven.
You will find the GIO booth and Fuga in "Klokgebouw".

'Good Industrial Design'-Award: FUGA
Relax in style

JORI’s latest lounge chair is the perfect antidote to stress. Its timeless elegance delivers the ultimate in seating comfort.

And when you buy a recliner or lounge chair from JORI, you’ll also receive* one of three comfort options for you to choose from:
a matching separate head cushion, the ideal Stellato coffee table, or a personalised finish in one of our six lacquer colours.

* When buying a JORI reclining chair until 15th January 2020. For terms and conditions, see your JORI partner.

Relax in style
Timeless present for a COMFORTable price*

Ascot table JR-t938 (table 39x39x50 or slide-over table 39x39x50)

- Lacquered from 411 EUR to 299 EUR
- Black lacquered + Black leather from 434 EUR to 319 EUR

* While stocks last.

Timeless present for a  COMFORTable price*