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An armchair or sofa needs to be inviting and welcoming. It needs to embrace and relax you. And naturally it needs to immerse you in comfort and allow you to drift off into dreams. It also needs to be made from natural materials so that it feels as wonderful as possible, transporting you away from all your cares. And it must definitely give you a feeling of wellness. Luckily, that elusive treasure has a signature: JORI.

The JORI signature is the result of the never-ending ambition of Juan Jorion. Juan founded JORI in 1963 with a clear mission in mind: to provide the ultimate in seating comfort. With absolute love for the craft and respect for the very best in high-quality materials. International designers have added to the JORI story along the way. And their aims are more relevant than ever today. Because long-lasting quality and sustainability are in their genes. Today, JORI has become the international benchmark in timeless seating comfort. A reference that swears allegiance to uncompromising craftsmanship.