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The covering of seating furniture is of the utmost importance, because a good piece of furniture is used daily and intensively over many years. With more than fifty years of experience and love for the craft, JORI lives up to its reputation as a leather specialist. Leather is a supple, strong, and durable product of nature, perfect to upholster our design furniture.

Origin of the hides.

JORI uses only top-quality Southern European bull hides from Italy, Austria, and southern Germany. Hides are subject to a very strict selection and inspection. Absolute quality is our trademark.

JORI only uses hides from young bulls. Hides from young bulls guarantee the finest furniture leather. Compared to cow hides, they are stronger, they retain their shape, and when used they don’t show unwanted wrinkles. That’s why JORI only works with solid young bull hides. COMFORT HIDES!

JORI hides are at least 1.4 mm thick.

Every hide used for JORI seating furniture is at least 1.4 mm thick. It makes the leather more tear-resistant and provides full touch and superior quality. A thicker skin also allows for optimal finish.

Extended colour palette.

JORI models are available in various leather types and colours. You choose the model, colour, and type of leather to suit you. Use all your senses and let your true colours shine through. Colours affect our mood and define the atmosphere in your home.

Grain pattern.

Each type of leather has its own character, look and feel. This also depends on your choice of grain pattern. Do you prefer leather with a thick, fine, or smooth grain pattern ?

Thick grain

Fine grain

Smooth grain pattern

Leather types.

The JORI leather collection consists of different leather types:

  • Pure natural leather: Xienda, Lotila and Nubuck
    With its super soft and natural touch, this leather is absolute top class and provides seating comfort beyond compare. The top layer is intact and the grain pattern keeps its natural look. Only the most beautiful hides are used for this purpose.
    As the name suggests, pure natural leather is a natural product and requires some caution in use.

  • Slightly pigmented leather: Lipano
    This type of leather has a thin pigment layer on its surface that covers the natural leather. It’s the right choice for leather aficionados who want to combine quality, comfort, and ease-of-use.

  • Pigmented leather: LaridoKoniaFuerte, and Celia
    The surface of this type of leather is characterised by a stronger pigment layer. That makes it ideal for intensive use. Pigmented leather is budget-friendly and very easy to maintain