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Welcome to the JORI outlet. This is where you will find a range of JORI models that you can buy at great discounts. How do we do it? JORI dealers and JORI itself have plenty of models that have previously been on display in showrooms, used as demos or exhibited at international furniture shows. This means they have already earned their keep, although their seating comfort remains as fabulous as ever. So, this is a unique opportunity for you to purchase a high-ticket armchair, recliner or sofa at a bargain price.

The range of items available is added to regularly, so it would pay to check this outlet shop from time to time, because, unfortunately, we can’t ‘hold’ any furniture for you. But if you are looking to choose a new item of furniture or would like to add a new JORI piece to the one you bought from the outlet shop, simply click here to go back to the collection.