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Simply taut

The essence of the chair in a sleek and extremely pure, functional Pocci-Dondoli-design. Endless variations on a theme. Chair, bar stool or lounge, with different back heights for a more active or passive use, with or without armrests The bouncy back provides extra comfort.

General model information
  • Chair with low or high, armchair and bar stool.
  • Available in leather, fabric or microfibre.
  • Frame : metal frame with zigzag springs in the seat and bouncy backrest (not for armchair and barstool).
  • Choice armrests : without, open or closed . Closed armrests not possible for bar stool and armchair.
  • Choice open armrests : black laquered, chrome high-gloss or chrome black .
  • Armrest always in same execution as legs. Except legs in oak or walnut, armrests always in black laquered.
  • Choice square legs : black laquered, chrome high-gloss, chrome black, oak and walnut. Oak and walnut not available for bar stool.
  • Legs in oak and walnut are slightly thicker.
  • Felt glides for stone and wooden floors. Teflon glides for carpets.
  • Height arm chair : 68 cm, lounge : 59 cm, bar stool : 86 cm.
  • Seating furniture with removable covers (to be done by an industrial third party)
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