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The hyper-styled recliner DAYDREAMER by designer Joachim Nees (D) and the ergonomic armchair FUGA by designer Frans Schrofer (NL) honourably crowned by the international professional jury.

At the start of 2019 at the furniture exhibition of Cologne, JORI launched the creations of two international designers, thus making their debut as a designer for the Belgian seating furniture company.


With his interpretation of the recliner DAYDREAMER, German designer Joachim Nees initiates an outspoken new and rejuvenating aspect of the JORI recliner collection.

This has not escaped the attention of the international ‘Rat für Formgebung’. The professional jury of the Iconic Interior Awards awarded this creation as being ‘Best of the Best’ within its category ‘Seating Furniture’ and moreover, no less than the ‘winner’ of the German Design Awards 2020 within the category ‘Furniture’. Click here for more information about the model 'Daydreamer'.

Thanks to both exceptional awards, JORI’s Daydreamer gets a prominent spot at the Iconic Interior Awards Exhibition during IMM Cologne.


In parallel the design of the debut collaboration with the Dutch designer Frans Schrofer also received an honourable mention.

His cocoon-shaped armchair FUGA unanimously received the award of 'Good Industrial Design' (GIO) , thus making it eligible for a place of honour during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (17-24 October 2019). Click here for more information about the model 'Fuga'.

The two winning designs will of course be shown on the JORI stand in Cologne as well.

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Belgian company JORI creates perfect seating comfort. JORI has designed contemporary sofas, lounge & reclining chairs, chairs, tables and interior accessories since 1963. Each piece of furniture is created in close cooperation with international designers and is developed at our own workshop with the greatest care. JORI stands for 100% Belgian craftsmanship. Both our collections and custom furniture focus on a high-quality, honest selection of materials and a sublime finish. Our ambition is always your comfort.

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