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Bringing our Belgian innovative craftsmanship overseas

26 May 2016

On the occasion of Clerkenwell Design Week, the Belgian design furniture company JORI presents a few of its inspiring and innovative new designs.

The transformable sofa Wing for instance: Created by the renowned designer Hugo de Ruiter. Successfully launched during the Cologne Fair earlier this year. Selected for the i-Novo Awards 2016, Archiproducts Design Selection 2016 as well as the German Design Awards 2017. And now extended with the optically lower version, the Wing ‘Divan Base’.

Or what about the inventive programme of Pentagono footstools, side tables and baskets of the Italian Designer duo Pocci+Dondoli?

Moreover JORI presents itself in London as the pioneer in digital product visualization for high-end seating furniture: a handy ‘configurator’, which allows you to configure your seating furniture yourself. This by choosing from the vast range of materials and accessories offered by the brand. All JORI seating models and thus the newest creations as well, can be assembled as desired thanks to the configurator.

JORI develops the multifunctional Wing 'DIVAN BASE'.

Designed by Hugo de Ruiter.

There are various opinions about the design of seating furniture. Some love a highly positioned model with an elegant frame, others prefer a low covered seating element, where you barely see the frame. In order to extend the success of the multifunctional Wing, launched during the autumn of 2015, towards a larger public, JORI came up with a variant of the original open base-model: the WING ‘DIVAN BASE’.

The WING ‘DIVAN BASE ’ is oriented towards lovers of functional, optically low seating models, of which the seating or lying options can be adjusted according to the needs of the moment. This new version maintains the ultra transformable characteristics of its older brother, but is optically 10 cm lower with a seat that nearly caresses the floor. The seating height of both WING-models remains however identical.

In its default position the Wing ‘divan base’ is, just like the Wing ‘open base’, set up as a cosy ‘corner sofa’, of which you can customize the seating comfort. But you can also go for the ‘double chaise longue’ position to watch television or enjoy a nice chill. On the other hand, in no time, you can transform the Wing into a ‘lounge’ position’ to lie down at full length. In ‘island’ position’ you change it into a living environment on itself, to lay down, to read a book or to chill out all by yourself or in company of friends or family.

Just like the entire JORI collection the new WING ’DIVAN BASE’ is manufactured with craftsmanship in the JORI production unit in Belgium and is available in a wide range of qualitative leather and fabric colours, which can be combined together. Both the leather as well as the fabric version are available with ornamental stitch or piping. Indicative price: ± € 10.000 in basic leather / € 8.800 in basic fabric. The ‘JORI configurator’ allows you to compose the WING ‘DIVAN BASE ’, by means of a wide range of options, completely according to your wishes –


Designer Hugo de Ruiter (NL)

For the Dutch designer Hugo de Ruiter (1959) his design and functionality are the building stones of his creations, or design is only innovative when it combines striking functional properties to a surprising design. The designer finds his passion in nature, art, architecture and technology, but especially in life itself.

Inventive - playful - handy 'Pentagono' , set of footstools, side tables and basket

‘Pentagono’, the convenient set of footstools, side tables and basket is a clever creation of the Italian designer duo Pocci+Dondoli. They join the JORI accessory line, which was launched in 2015 to mark IMM Cologne.

Footstools, side tables and baskets are currently trending. We increasingly long for a mobile and flexible interior, which allows us to tune the set-up of our interior to changing situations and living habits. JORI eagerly responds to this and has called the Italian designer duo Pocci+Dondoli at its side to develop a programme of footstools, side tables and basket in different sizes.

The footstool mainly had to look ‘different’. Pocci+Dondoli have achieved this goal exceptionally well. The designer duo surprises with a remarkable design which is named ‘Pentagono’, after its regular pentagon form.

The ‘Pentagono’ footstool does not only have five angles, but is also five times unique:

    • The shape of the footstool is not only original, but adds to its comfort. Knee support wherever you wish to sit thanks to its straight seat which elsewhere is only found on square of rectangular footstools.
    • Thanks to the five corners, you are always facing the right direction, without having to move the footstool.
    • The pentagon shape looks straight, but hides discreetly curved lines and rounded corners for extra JORI comfort. Refined ornamental pleats accentuating the corners acknowledge the top design talent of Pocci+Dondoli.
    • The combination of footstool and side table is a given. Each footstool has its table with durable tabletop, Handy for a glass and snack, or to quickly browse your laptop or tablet.
    • The likewise pentagonal side table slides smoothly over the footstool for more space and comfort, thanks to clever tripod design.

    Just like the entire JORI collection, the PENTAGONO footstools are manufactured with skill in the JORI production facilities in Belgium. They are available in 3 heights and can be assembled as desired from a wide colour range of high quality leather and fabric coverings. Recommended price : ± € 750 to 1.150 in leather depending the size. The assorted side tables also exist in 3 sizes and have a durable table top in walnut and a tripod undercarriage in highquality chrome high-gloss or epoxy black. Recommended price: from € 350 to € 850 depending the size.

    The Pentagono basket is available in a wide colour range of qualitative leather-and fabric upholsteries. The inside is covered in a neutral grey fabric.

    Price: ± € 1.000 in entry fabric, ± € 1.250 in entry leather.

    The JORI-configurator allows you to configure the Pentagono footstools, tables and basket according to your own wishes choosing from a wide range of options –


    For Pocci+Dondoli design has to express beauty, harmony and freedom, as it can not be bound by strict established rules or exist as privilege of a social or cultural elite. The research on materials and processes, conceived to achieve maximum results in quality / price terms, is one of the main activities of the studio: they privilege materials that, through sophisticated processes, acquire nobility and elegance, such as aluminum and plastic, and other noble and antique materials like leather and hide.

    About JORI

    Being an established value within the premium segment, the Belgian design furniture company JORI ( designs and develops since 1963 contemporary seating furniture, tables and interior accessories in cooperation with international top designers. The company has conquered a unique position on the international design furniture market.

    For further information about JORI, don´t hesitate to contact:

    • Mrs Catherine Léonard, + 32 496 40 16 46,
    • JORI communication department, Linda Vermeesch, +32 56 31 35 01,