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Pentagono footstool

5 times unique

New program of footstools and tables, not only apart by their shape in a regular pentagon, but also five times unique. Very distinct concept: one sits always comfortable and in the right direction, refined design plus a tripod table. Moreover it slides easily over the footstool. Footstool and side table, not only apart by their shape in a regular pentagon, but also five times unique: Tripod table slides over the footstool for more space. The footstool in original, comfortable shape with thanks to its straight seat knee support wherever you wish to sit. You are always facing the right direction, without having to move the footstool. Top-level design: curved lines and rounded corners plus refined ornamental pleatsthat accentuates the corners. Unique combination of footstool and pentagon table on which you can use your laptop or tablet.

General model information
  • Footstool with pentagonal form and ornamental pleats on the sides.
  • Available in leather, fabric and microfibre.
  • Leg : black caps.
  • Frame : solid beech.
  • 2D and 3D images for visualization are available on our website.
  • Seating furniture with removable covers (to be done by an industrial third party)
  • International patent WIPO Hague Registration.
  • Matching models : sofa Wing Divanbase, table Wing JR-t120, table Pentagono JR-t550.
  • All our furniture meets the flammability standards EN 1021 1-2 and BS 5852 ISO.
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