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JORI, the Belgian furniture design company, will be introducing their very latest designs in London. To mark the occasion of 100% Design, the company will be presenting the ELISSE table duo, a striking creation by the Italian designers POCCI+DONDOLI.

There will be plenty of products by talented Belgian designers too. In collaboration with the VERHAERT NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES design studio, JORI will be displaying the latest version of one of their bestselling sofas, the LONGUEVILLE LANDSCAPE.

And for all those among you who have not had the opportunity to view JORI’s latest innovations in Milan, at the London trade fair you will still be able to acquaint yourselves with the elegant PRELUDE lounge chair designed by POCCI+DONDOLI, as well as the elegant LAGOM armchair, which is a stunning creation by the Dutch designer HUGO DE RUITER.


Graceful table duo ELISSE – Design by POCCI+DONDOLI (IT)

Coffee and side tables are currently all the rage with interior design stylists. We have to admit that they can be real eye-catchers, both as a central focal point or as a side feature, and they help to give the interior an elegant and distinctive look and feel.

The ELISSE table duo scores brilliantly in this respect. The designers Pocci+Dondoli, with their own Italian flair, have come up with two particularly beautiful designs, which are striking in all their sophisticated simplicity. This is not only noticeable in the exquisitely graceful shape of the elliptical table top and the elegantly curved metal pedestal, but also in the deliberate combination of natural materials. The table top design in Emperador marble or walnut wood ensures a warm and earthy effect, which is further enhanced by the material of the basel in stylish black chrome or epoxy black. The base which connects 2 rounded triangles into one sleek line is a real masterpiece in design in its purest form.

The ELISSE table collection comprises a wide coffee table with an elliptical top (150 x 50 cm), and a handy circular side table (50 cm diameter).

Just like all the other products in the JORI collection, the ELISSE range is manufactured with true craftsmanship at the JORI production workshops in Belgium.

Recommended sales prices: walnut-top oval table from ± € 2.164 (incl. VAT), and marble-top oval table from ± € 2.692 (incl. VAT)

The ‘JORI configurator’ allows to compose the ELISSE as wished.



No design should ignore comfort, and the comfort aspect is deeply ingrained into the genes of JORI. This has also very much formed the focus of the assignment JORI entrusted to the designer, when they commissioned the restyling of the successful LONGUEVILLE sofa which was first launched in 1998.

The new LONGUEVILLE LANDSCAPE designed by the Belgian design studio Verhaert New Products & Services, meets the need for high-quality, flexible seating for more compact spaces. The creation also lives up to the seating experience demands of modern-day consumers.

Even though, at first glance, the model looks sleek and compact, a lot of intricate work has gone into creating a stylish nonchalant look. This is what gives the sofa its cosy look and feel. The inventive, softly undulating lines and the discrete accent piping is most inviting. The asymmetrical playful seam on the back and seating sections provides extra tensile strength. In order to meet the needs of contemporary users to snuggle and relax, the height of the back section and the depth of the seating have also been carefully investigated. As a result, the sofa no longer appears rigid, but instead invites the person to snuggle deep into it. The optional loose back cushions provide extra supportfor those who require it. The sleekly sculpted corner feet supporting the entire sofa are seductively elegant and strikingly graceful, and they give the sofa its appeal and finesse.

Given that the success of the original Longueville sofa was also due to the inventive swivel mechanism of the arm rests, this system has now also been incorporated into this latest version. There is currently a growing demand for interior design items to offer flexibility and versatility. In response to this demand, the system enables the user to completely unfold the arm rests to create 2 additional seats. This is ideal if you wish to extend the seating lengthwise, or they can be used as a pouffe to seat extra guests. The additional surface area is also useful to hold a tray, magazines or your tablet, for example.

Just like all the other products in the JORI collection, this new version of the LONGUEVILLE sofa is manufactured with true craftsmanship at the JORI production workshops in Belgium, and is available in high-quality leatherand fabric upholstery in a wide range of colours.

Recommended sales prices: from ± € 5.115 (incl. VAT) for a 195 cm sofa with matching back cushions.

The LONGUEVILLE LANDSCAPE programme includes an extensive selection of stand-alone sofas, add-on sections, chaises longues and pouffes in various sizes. Please feel free to use the JORI configurator to match all the various options available to your exact requirements.


Lounge chair & footstool PRELUDE – Design by POCCI+DONDOLI (IT)

Lounge chairs today are a favoured item in the interior. They meet the current need of ‘desocializing’, the need to separate oneself from the stressful and noisy outside world, and to completely immerse in oneself. The cocoonconcept of the lounge chair, with its seductively comfortable inner shell, fits in perfectly with this trend.

Match a design lounge chair to an XL wellness factor? Perfect match for JORI, who viewed this as an assignment for the Italian designer duo Pocci+Dondoli. Not a wrong choice. They designed with their Italian flair the exclusive lounge chair PRELUDE: an undeniable eye catcher with its elegant open shell shape, of which the tight outline contrasts sharp with its seductively soft inner shell. The 2 refined leather ribbons on the inside lend the model its exclusive sporty ‘couture’ look. The graceful legframe looks remarkably elegant, and elevates the model to being an artwork on a base.

Because of its discreetly refined look, the lounge chair PRELUDE integratessmoothly into each room of the interior, whether it is the living space, office or dressing room.

A fun and original detail is the option of combined covering, which allows to have the inner and outer shell in different coverings. The concept invites you to feel as a designer yourself and to compose your very own lounge chair PRELUDE.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the lounge chair PRELUDE is manufactured in the JORI production workshops in Belgium, and is available in a large colour range of quality leather and fabric coverings. Ribbons are matched to the outer shell covering.

Recommended sales prices: from ± € 3.200 (incl. VAT) in fabric for combination lounge chair + footstool.

The JORI configurator allows to compose the PRELUDE as wished.


Armchair LAGOM – Design by HUGO DE RUITER (NL)

Inspired by the work of Scandinavian designer icons and the rolling landscape with the billowing sea of the Scandinavian coast, the model LAGOM flowed from the designer hand of Hugo de Ruiter, an undeniable ‘vintage’ masterpiece.

‘LAGOM’ stands for the Swedish ‘nearly perfect’ or ‘in the right proportion’ and thus marks the essence of the design by Hugo de Ruiter. The undulating lines of the seat and the elegantly curved surfaces of the armrests look seamlessly perfect and nicely in proportion. The designer interprets these as the flowing motion of a wave, right before it curls and plunges into the sea. 

The elegant piping accompanies virtuoso this wavy motion. The wooden frame of high-grade walnut feels as soft as baby skin and underlines the exclusive nature of the armchair.

The new LAGOM model unites in a subtle way the unique craftsmanship of JORI and the vision of the designer. Design, material and optimal seating comfort are perfectly intertwined. The armchair is exceptionally light and quite compact and thus allows it to be combined on several locations in the interior.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the armchair LAGOM is manufactured in the JORI production workshops in Belgium, and is available in a large colour range of quality leather and fabric coverings. Frame of high-grade walnut or epoxy blackContrasting leather piping available.

Recommended sales prices: from ± € 1.700 (incl. VAT) in fabric, ± € 1.995 (incl. VAT) in leather.

The JORI configurator allows to compose the LAGOM as wished.

About JORI - innovative seating comfort since 1963

Belgian company JORI creates perfect seating comfort. JORI has designed contemporary sofas, lounge & reclining chairs, chairs, tables and interior accessories since 1963. Each piece of furniture is created in close cooperation with international top designers and is developed at our own workshop with the greatest care. JORI stands for 100% Belgian craftsmanship. Both our collections and custom furniture focus on a high-quality, honest selection of materials and a sublime finish. Our ambition is always your comfort.

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