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Legendary finish

Modern technology combined with a legendary finish as a variation on the Chesterfield theme. The special style and unique appearance of the Square is achieved by the small leather loops on the front. The comfortable line is accentuated by its slightly inward-sloping back, that provides a superb sitting and reclining experience. Available in two versions; mono-move (back and footstool adjustable in one single movement) and multi-move (back and footstool adjustable in two separate movements).


Several models of the JORI reclining chair range are available with a ‘Mono-Move’ mechanism (synchronously adjustable) or a ‘Multi-Move’ mechanism (asynchronously adjustable).

  • Thanks to the patented stepless JORI mechanism you adjust the back and footstool of a mono-move reclining chair in one single movement. Just sit down and bend backwards is enough to adjust your position.
  • In reclining position all muscles will totally relax. When you reach this moment, we talk about “0 muscle tone”.
  • In a multi-move reclining chair you can adjust back and footstool separately: these are asynchronously adjusted in two different movements.
  • This mechanism allows you to adjust your seating position to specific situations such as reading, watching television, etc. This reclining chair allows a more active use as well as peaceful relaxing.

After you opted for a Mono-Move or Multi-Move reclining chair, you can choose a small « Mini » reclining chair (recommended size for persons smaller than 1m65), a medium « Medi » (recommended size for persons taller than 1m65 and smaller than 1m85) or a large « Maxi » size (recommended size for persons taller than 1m85).

General model information
  • Reclining chair available in mono-move and multi-move.
  • Reclining chair available in 3 sizes : mini, medi and maxi. Only reclining chair medi available with seat height +4 cm.
  • Available in leather, fabric or microfibre; with fabric or microfibre covering handle always in leather.
  • Choice between armrests completely covered and armrests partially in alu high-gloss or black laquered.
  • Version with covered armrests : choice between 18 bases. Version armrests in alu : choice between 2 bases. Version armrests black laquered : choice between 3 bases.
  • Option : armrests available in alternative covering and/or color than the reclining chair.
  • Frame : steel mechanism.
  • JORI guarantees a maximum load up to 120 kg.
  • 2D and 3D images for visualization are available on our website.
  • Seating furniture with removable covers (to be done by an industrial third party)
  • International patent WIPO Hague Registration.
  • All our furniture meets the flammability standards EN 1021 1-2 and BS 5852 ISO.