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  • Thanks to the patented stepless JORI mechanism you adjust the back and footstool of a mono-move reclining chair in one single movement. Just sit down and bend backwards is enough to adjust your position.
  • In reclining position all muscles will totally relax. When you reach this moment, we talk about “0 muscle tone”.
  • In a multi-move reclining chair you can adjust back and footstool separately: these are asynchronously adjusted in two different movements.
  • This mechanism allows you to adjust your seating position to specific situations such as reading, watching television, etc. This reclining chair allows a more active use as well as peaceful relaxing.

After you opted for a Mono-Move or Multi-Move reclining chair, you can choose a small « Mini » reclining chair (recommended size for persons smaller than 1m65), a medium « Medi » (recommended size for persons taller than 1m65 and smaller than 1m85) or a large « Maxi » size (recommended size for persons taller than 1m85).