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Shelves on 2 levels
Choose the ratio of table-top you want: 2/5 or 3/5


Citizens of the world

For Pocci+Dondoli design has to express beauty, harmony and freedom, as it can not be bound by strict established rules or exist as privilege of a social or cultural elite. The research on materials and processes, conceived to achieve maximum results in quality / price terms, is one of the main activities of the studio: they privilege materials that, through sophisticated processes, acquire nobility and elegance, such as aluminum and plastic, and other noble and antique materials like leather and hide. 

Configure your Ascot table JR-t939
  • Table available with mono or split up (3/5 + 2/5) tabletop.
  • Choice tabletop : mono and split up 3/5, oak or walnut veneer. Split up 2/5 : white or black lacquered.
  • Chassis : black laquered. Optional other fine textured JORI standard lacquers.
  • Maximum permissible load : 15 kg.
  • 2D and 3D images for visualization are available on our website.