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Regular cleaning

Dirt, crumbs, sand or other small particles on the upholstery are almost invisible, but can be very damaging for your fabric.

Therefore we recommend to vacuum your seating furniture at least every two weeks (depending on the intensity of use) to the lowest wattage. Always in the direction of the nap (you pat down the hairs) using the right blunt nozzle.

Alternatively you can also use a soft cloth or fabric maintenance glove (fluff-free and no microfibre, cf. 

Stain removal

For the treatment of specific, explicit stains you should always follow the care instructions per type of fabric. These instructions can be found on or in the care instructions booklet that has been delivered with your JORI seating furniture.

General guidelines for stain treatment

All fabrics in our collection have been treated with a moisture- and water repellent coating. That’s why most stains can be quickly removed using following guidelines: 

  • Always try to mop up the liquids as soon as possible with a neutral, unbleached paper towel or slightly damp, clean, fluff-free towel. Do not rub or press to avoid colour fading or damage.
  • Particular attention for the chenille fabrics: never use water for the stain treatment. Only use the special glove (or dry cleaning if possible).
  • Never use household cleaners with bleaching agents or solvents.
  • Our advised cleaning products for specific deep cleaning of all fabric and leather types are offered in cooperation with LCK GmbH and can be found on So always consult the specific maintenance instructions for each type of fabric.
  • Always test the specific cleaning products on an invisible spot instead of directly on the fabric (with a towel).
  • Always treat the stain from the outside to the inside and let it dry naturally. Never rub hard or long on the same spot. Use the furniture only after it is completely dry again.
  • Fabric coverings are removable, only when carried out by a professional company.

These instructions are general recommendations yet no guarantee for a satisfying stain removal.

When any doubt or unsatisfactory results with the above-mentioned guidelines, JORI advises to contact a specialised, professional cleaning company. Inform them about the origin of the stain.