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Design by Christophe Giraud (FR)

Graceful statement for the Urban Explorer

Fascinated by the graceful silhouette of the antelope, designer Christophe Giraud translated the elegant look of this desert animal into a strikingly svelte sofa, which stands out thanks to its pure design and subtly elaborated details.

The new sofa model of French designer Giraud is an ode to the proud and elegant bearing of the antelope or oryx, regally posed on its slender legs and perfectly integrated in its natural environment. The designer succeeds perfectly in attributing the same characteristics to his creation. The ORYX sofa model seduces with its strikingly simple and elegant appearance. The well-considered interplay of lines with fine, straight contours and sloping diagonals, in combination with the nonchalant play of the cushions, give the design a distinct and playful cachet.

With the well-conceived design of the graceful feet, executed in lacquered black or bronze, Giraud gives a wink to the graceful horns of the elegant antelope. They lend the creation a modern ´lightness´.

And did designer Giraud keep the patented JORI comfort requirement in mind? He certainly did: the loose cushions are equipped in back with comfort-increasing little rolls and thus ensure that sinking into them is a delightful experience.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the ORYX sofa is created with painstaking craftsmanship in the JORI production workshops in Belgium and is available in high-quality leather and fabric coverings in a wide range of colours.

Recommended sales prices: from ± € 4.000 for a model in fabric of 220 cm. Additional cushions optional.

The ‘JORI configurator’ allows to compose the ORYX as wished.