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JORI Fabrics

Because JORI maintains the same high quality standards for its fabrics as well as for its leathers, you are guaranteed that fabric-upholstered JORI seating is equivalent to leather-upholstered seating. In other words: every fabric that JORI includes in its collection has been extensively tested in advance to guarantee you the best possible level of wear resistance, easy cleaning and colour fastness.
A fabric-covered seat looks and feels different. The unique feel of all our fabrics enhances the experience of warmth and comfort, and the intense colours are also outstanding for bringing out the best in a whole range of designs. 
JORI has a whole swathe of fabrics to choose from. With a seemingly infinite range of colours, shades and textures to choose from, you can combine them in your interior just as you like. JORI fabrics are particularly diverse when it comes to their look and feel: from very finely woven, velvety fabrics to rough woven, what might even be called robust fabrics, to tough piqué-like fabrics and fabrics with a felt-like touch as well as bouclés. All of these in various hues of splendid natural colours: from light to dark browns, a whole palette of beige tones and ecrus, shades of black, blue, grey,… and an array of other colours that are certainly worth discovering.