Fabric Care

Furniture fabrics are more delicate in terms of maintenance than leather. To keep your fabric looking beautiful for longer, regular cleaning is a must. We therefore advise you to vacuum your couch weekly.

When you clean your seat with a damp cloth, it is best to make a solution of 1/4 dl of soap flakes (such as Marseille soap) for every litre of lukewarm water or a solution of max. 1 teaspoon of washing-up liquid for every litre of lukewarm water.

Attention to Chenille fabrics: do not use water, only use specially suitable gloves or dry clean.

Stain removal
The golden rule is to always remove any stains as soon as possible.

In case of stains:
• Dab carefully with a pile-free damp cloth or a sponge dipped in a soap solution.
• Do not rub too hard to avoid color fading or damaging the fibers.

Fabric covers are removable, to be done by a industrial third party. Dry cleaning of the fabric or new upholstery of the furniture is therefore also possible.
These tips are purely recommendations and cannot guarantee complete stain removal. In all cases, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning establishment, particularly for large stains and/or thorough cleaning.

Attention to Chenille fabrics: do not use water, only use specially suitable gloves or dry clean.

Do you still have doubts? Please contact your JORI-dealer.