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Castle Ten Torre, Belgium

Castle Ten Torre in Oedelem is part of the architectural heritage of Flanders. In the search for a new interpretation in 2019, the idea quickly arose for a repurposing as a holiday accommodation. After a total redesign the entire castle has now been transformed into an idyllic holiday home where you can relax in our Oryx sofa.

Yacht 'Maiora', Italië

'Maiora' is one of the Fipa Group’s super yachts. Yachts evoke an atmosphere of luxury interiors, which is why JORI seats were chosen to give this distinctive yacht a final touch. The Tigra open base sofa, Vinci reclining chair and Ice Cube armchair make every stay on this yacht a truly exceptional experience.

Filmfestival Oostende, Belgium

If you like settling down to watch a great film, you will certainly appreciate the comfort of a quality seat. The Calypso sofa was the star of the show at the Ostend Film Festival, a celebration of Flemish and other films. Thanks to the film festival’s international character, this exceptional sofa was also noticed by many enthusiasts from other countries.

Wellness-center Aquadroom, Belgium

The sauna and spa complex Aquadroom Maaseik brings relaxation to a new level. In the tastefully decorated lounge, you can fully relax in one of the luxurious Icarus recliners. Jori and comfortable relaxation, a matching pair.