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Oculus Eye Center, Belgium

Specialised centre for ophthalmic advice Oculus made a very conscious choice when it purchased JORI’s renowned reclining chairs. This perfect solution offers patients ultimate comfort before and after their laser surgery.

Antoni van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis, Netherlands

The JORI reclining chairs at famous Dutch Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis in Amsterdam give patients the rest they need before, during and after their treatment.

AZ Zottegem, Belgium

The AZ Zottegem outpatient clinic made a well-considered choice when it acquired its Yoga reclining chairs for its oncology department. JORI reclining chairs are the perfect, quality hospital bed alternative for patients receiving a few hours of hospital care.

UZ Gasthuisberg – Neonatology department, Belgium

The neonatology department of UZ Gasthuisberg Leuven has decided to call on JORI’s comfort expertise. The purpose of the collaboration: to offer more comfort to mothers of premature babies. After all, as long as their child is monitored and cared for, they visit the hospital daily and often spend there day there. For that reason, JORI-reclining chairs Yoga were chosen.  A huge difference as it is much more comfortable to feed their child and to spend the day actively or passively.

Yoga - UZ Gasthuisberg - Neonatologie

HPM Clinique Lille Sud, SOS Mains, France

HPM Clinique specialises in hand surgery and consciously chose JORI reclining chairs to offer its patients the perfect solution for a pleasant, comfortable short stay.

HPM Clinique Lille Sud, SOS Mains

Sint-Jozefkliniek, Belgium

“Quality care close to home”, is the slogan of the St-Jozef Clinic. In order to convey this feeling in the best way possible, the delivery room, the maternity clinic, the gastroenterology and even the lounge room for doctors and surgeons are furnished with JORI furniture. The deciding factor for the hospital was not only the JORI comfort, but also the functionality, the design and the possibility for customization played an important part.

Since February 24th 2017, the move to the new building has been completed. The St-Jozef clinic has as such become an architectural and medical eye catcher in the current hospital landscape.

UZ Gasthuisberg, Belgium

UZ Gasthuisberg, ne of the leading hospitals in Europe. After performing their market research, the oncology department of UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven chose JORI as their most suitable partner to supply TV-chairs: one for each treatment room. As chemo sessions usually take several hours and patients are advised not to lie down, the quality and multifunctional comfort of the JORI TV-chairs make them the perfect choice.

Cammeo - UZ Gasthuisberg