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JORI is starting 2022 with a dynamic leap.

No less than 3 new models see the light of day.

With the launch of the Cosy Ghost Reclining Chair, the brand starts its first collaboration with the German design agency Murken + Hansen.

The successful Daydreamer family will be expanded this year with a lounge chair.
And the new Obsession sofa caters to design lovers of active and compact seating comfort.

A new designer, a new recliner. The Berlin design team Murken & Hansen mark their JORI debut with a new recliner design: the birth of Cosy Ghost.

From day one, JORI’s unique patented recliner mechanism allowed them to position themselves as the global leader in the premium recliner segment. The collection meanwhile consists of 9 recliner models with the successful and revolutionary Daydreamer as the latest addition, which was premiered at the 2019 edition of the Milan furniture fair.

Today JORI writes the next chapter of its never-ending recliner saga. The new recliner Cosy Ghost was created to build a bridge between classic recliner models and the more flexibly curved design of the Daydreamer model. Murken + Hansen understood the brief perfectly, molding the classic, strict recliner contours into an organically rounded shape. Its accessible design lends the Cosy Ghost a universal quality that can be integrated into both classic and contemporary interiors.

The seamless integration of the armrests in the overall silhouette in particular is strikingly innovative, as opposed to classic recliner designs where the armrests constitute more of a ‘stand-alone’ element within the overall concept. Murken + Hansen abandon this tradition by creating a harmonious transition between the recliner’s back and armrests. Add in the refined back accent and it is clear that Cosy Ghost has carved out its own little niche within JORI’s recliner collection.

Like the entire JORI collection, Cosy Ghost is manufactured with craftsmanship in the JORI production workshops in Belgium and there is a choice of leather and fabric coverings. Cosy Ghost is continuously adjustable in a single movement (mono-move) and available in three sizes (mini/medi/maxi). There is also a choice of three different bases: a 4- or 5-star base in the standard JORI lacquers, or a full leather base.

Suggested retail price: as of 3900 € (VAT incl.)

In 2019 at the Milan furniture fair JORI launched the revolutionary Daydreamer recliner. The rounded, organic contours of the Daydreamer offered an entirely new interpretation of the classic recliner charact-erised by taut, cool lines. The strikingly innovative Daydreamer recliner was an instant favourite among design enthusiasts, making it the most popular new addition to the JORI recliner collection.

Due to this success a further expansion of the Daydreamer was the next logical step. Before long two new offspring joined the family: the Daydreamer armchair and sofa.

Today JORI completes the family portrait with the new Daydreamer lounge chair. Designer Joachim Nees has succeeded in drawing a harmonious duo that sports the same fluent and embracing lines that typify the entire Daydreamer family. The design of the footstool seamlessly complements the lounge and gives the dynamic duo a very harmonious appeal.

The practical lever under the seat allows the user to continually adjust the back in order to find the position of maximum comfort. This feature gives lounging a dynamic dimension.

Like the entire JORI collection, the Daydreamer lounge is manufactured with craftsmanship in the JORI production workshops in Belgium and it can be upholstered with the brand’s entire leather and fabric collection. A combi covering in leather/fabric is also possible. Daydreamer lounge is supported by a
4-star base available in the standard JORI lacquers.

Suggested retail price: as of 4500 € (VAT incl.) for armchair + footstool

Nowadays ‘sprawling’ seems like the operative word for any sofa. Generous, soft and with an abundance of fluffy pillows.

Sumptuous indeed! But what about compact living spaces or those who love slightly more active, ergonomic seating comfort? How do we meet their wishes without compromising on the embracing, rounded designs that are so popular nowadays?

Designer Cuno Frommherz now presents the solution in the shape of JORI’s latest sofa, Obsession. A sofa of extreme feminine elegance whose active, upright seating line is the perfect answer to the demand for ergonomic, supportive seating. Taking place in Obsession, you are almost sitting up straight, with a fairly high back that offers support right up to the shoulders. The cushion that is subtly integrated halfway the seating height not only ensures additional comfort but also interrupts the rigidity of the inner design.

The Obsession sofa programme can be configured at will to seat two, three or four people. The collection also includes an armchair and a footstool, making for a versatile set-up.

Like the entire JORI collection, the Obsession sofa programme is manufactured with craftsmanship in the JORI production workshops in Belgium and can be upholstered with the brand’s entire leather and fabric collection. Base available in all standard JORI lacquers. Two seating heights: 44 cm and 45.5 cm.

Suggested retail price: as of 4600 € (VAT incl.) for sofa 175 cm

About JORI - Designed for dynamic seating

JORI works with international designers to create beautifully ergonomic, personalised sofas and reclining chairs, manufacturing them with the greatest care in its Belgian workshops. This traditional craftsmanship and the use of materials of the very highest quality guarantee the sublime finish and long service life of every item of JORI furniture. These key ingredients have been at the heart of JORI’s success for more than 55 years, offering all customers unparalleled seating comfort, each and every day: designed for dynamic seating.

Distribution is through an international network of independent distributors and agents. Thanks to its annual participation in the furniture fairs of Cologne and Milan the brand’s name awareness continues to grow worldwide. In 2019 JORI opened its first flagship store in Taipei. Since the foundation in 1963, the development of JORI’s unique patented recliner mechanism allowed them to position themselves as the global leader in the recliner sector. In addition to seating furniture the JORI collection also offers a range of tables and footstools.

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