IMM Cologne 2017: JORI introduces international designer talent


JORI, the high-end modern furniture manufacturer from Belgium, puts 5 new creations under the spotlight in Cologne, the results of a close cooperation with a team of international designers and product developers.

Dutch designer HUGO DE RUITER has designed for the IMM a marvellous vintage piece, the elegant armchair LAGOM whilst the French designer JEAN-PIERRE AUDEBERT has developed the ‘lazy’ RAPSODY LOUNGE chair with matching footstool. He is also the creative mind behind the relaxed sofa programme GITANO.

New also for the IMM, the sofa TIGRA DIVAN BASE, a lowered version of the already hugely successful TIGRA sofa and the chair OSCARINI, the latest creation of the Italian designer duo POCCI+DONDOLI.


Armchair LAGOM – Designer Hugo De Ruiter (NL)

Inspired by the work of iconic Scandinavian designers and the rolling landscape with the billowing sea of the Scandinavian coast, the model LAGOM flowed from the designer hand of Hugo de Ruiter, and is an undeniable ‘vintage’ masterpiece.

‘Lagom’ in Swedish translates as ‘nearly perfect’ or ‘in the right proportion’ and thus marks the essence of this design by Hugo de Ruiter. The undulating lines of the seat and the elegantly curved surfaces of the armrests look seamlessly perfect and nicely in proportion. The designer interprets these as the flowing motion of a wave, right before it curls and plunges into the sea.

The elegant piping is a virtuoso accompaniment to this wavy motion. The wooden frame of high-grade walnut feels as soft as a baby’s skin and underlines the exclusive nature of the armchair.

The new LAGOM model unites in a subtle way the unique craftsmanship of JORI and the vision of the designer. Design, material and optimal seating comfort are perfectly intertwined. The armchair is exceptionally light and quite compact, making it an ideal complement to any interior.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the armchair LAGOM is manufactured at the JORI factory in Belgium, and is available in a large colour range of quality leathers and fabrics. Frame of high-grade walnut. Contrast leather piping available.

Recommended selling prices: from ± € 1.400 (incl. VAT) in fabric, ± € 1.600 (incl. VAT) in leather.

The ‘JORI configurator’ allows to compose the LAGOM as wished.


Lounge chair & Footstool RAPSODY – Designer Jean-Pierre Audebert (F)

With the new RAPSODY LOUNGE version, its designer Jean-Pierre Audebert has designed a contemporary cocoon version of the classic JORI recliner. The new model matches the profile of today’s true lounge chair enthusiast in every way.

Delightfully ‘downy’, somewhat chubbier and less ‘tailored’ than the JORI classics, it looks seductively cosy: like a comfortable shell, ideal for a hideaway moment after a harsh day or for a power nap. The design looks harmonious, fluent and stylish in its simplicity and finish. For those however who love a special detail, contrast piping around the chair and footstool is also available as an option.

Both the recliner chair and footstool are mounted on an elegant 4-star base, which lends the model an additional modern accent. True to their DNA, JORI also devoted a great deal of attention to the seating comfort of this model: the RAPSODY recliner chair is equipped with a tilting mechanism, which allows you to control how actively or passively you wish to lounge.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the RAPSODY lounge chair and footstool are manufactured at the JORI factory in Belgium, and are available in a large colour range of quality leathers and fabrics. Frame in epoxy black or black chrome finish.

Recommended selling price: from ± € 3.600 (incl. VAT) in fabric.

The ‘JORI configurator’ allows to compose the RAPSODY as wished.


Chair OSCARINI – Designer Pocci+Dondoli (IT)

Also from the hand of the masterly designer duo Pocci+Dondoli ,the chair OSCARINI, a strikingly elegant design with a distinct Italian DNA, yet made in Belgium.

A perfect-scoring Italian-Belgian association. Whether it is due to the dynamic positioning of the slender legs, or to the refined sloping back, one thing is for sure, the chair OSCARINI is an eye-catcher thanks to its extremely aesthetic shape and appearance.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the OSCARINI chair is manufactured at the JORI factory in Belgium. It was designed with 1 back height, just high enough for sufficient support without compromising the gracefulness of the chair.

The chair has softly curved lines on the back and seat, which make it especially inviting. It is available without armrests. The legs are available in epoxy matt bronze or black. It is available in a large colour range of quality leathers and fabrics.

Recommended selling price: from € 600 (incl. VAT) in fabric.


Sofa GITANO – Designer Jean-Pierre Audebert (F)

More than ever the end-user demands that his favourite pieces, which he buys for his home, meet his exacting expectations, although these often seem to be contradictory. If we look at his buying behaviour when choosing the perfect sofa, the end-user often falls for a high-end aesthetically smooth design, whilst at the same time longing for this immaculate model to be comfortable enough to provide him with the ultimate relaxation. JORI highlighted these opposing requirements in the product briefing given to its designer Audebert: to design a high-end, contemporary sofa with a bohemian character and a cosy nesting character.

Not quite so easy, but no task too difficult for the passionate Audebert, who with great verve created the seating concept GITANO: stylishly imposing and yet delightfully inviting, thanks to its luxurious seating depth, generously sized modules and playful loose back and decorative cushions, which provide for countless lounging and seated positions. The armrests and the back sections with ‘nesting tubs’ make it a real ‘snuggle sofa’.

What renders the model GITANO really special is the contrast piping, which every module as well as the armrests have as a finishing touch. Sharp contrast or rather a discreet tone on tone, this lends the sofa a ‘quirky’ twist.

GITANO is ‘different’ in all respects. It is not just a sofa, nor a sofa programme - it is a creative concept. With a minimum of modules you can compose a wide variety of looks. There is a choice of 7 seat elements, 2 back elements, 1 armrest and a table element. By playing with these various elements, you can achieve the most surprising combinations, in which closed and open looks can alternate, and which lead to spacious and varied seating landscapes.

Stylishly imposing, seductively casual and extremely modular - these are all characteristics that give the sofa concept GITANO a very alluring appeal in a ‘lounge’ setting, whether in the residential or in the contract sector.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the sofa GITANO is manufactured at the JORI factory in Belgium, and is available in a large colour range of quality leathers and fabrics. Modules are offered as fixed combinations or as made-to-measure. Contrast leather piping also available.

Recommended selling price: ± € 5.500 (incl. VAT) in fabric for the 180 cm wide model.

The ‘JORI configurator’ allows to compose the GITANO as wished.


Sofa TIGRA DIVAN BASE – Designer Verhaert New Products & Services (B)

Building on the commercial success of the timelessly elegant sofa TIGRA and seeking to widen its appeal to an even greater audience JORI has now designed a lower version of the original open base model with the new TIGRA DIVAN BASE. This new version has a surprisingly distinct look and appeals to fans of functional, optically low sofa models, which are always popular due to their understated style and simplicity.

With its sumptuous seat cushions and the loose ‘downy’-looking back cushions the model TIGRA DIVAN BASE looks fuller and cosier than the classic OPEN BASE type. Moreover each module is equipped with a simple connecting mechanism, which allows you to convert the sofa at will. Delightfully comfortable, it is available with high or low armrests, which can be either fixed or continuously adjustable.

Alongside the basic sofa version, the TIGRA sofa programme also allows for the extensive combination of the elements: sofas, end elements, chaise longues, add-on footstools, and tables. To cater to both compact as spacious interiors, 2 widths of seat cushions are available.

Just like the entire JORI collection, the TIGRA DIVAN BASE is manufactured at the JORI factory in Belgium, and is available in a large colour range of quality leathers and fabrics.

Recommended selling price: ± € 4.000 (incl. VAT) in fabric for the 190 cm wide sofa.

The ‘JORI configurator’ allows to compose the TIGRA as wished.

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