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With the ‘Black Express Series’ JORI is launching a powerful statement to pay tribute to three iconic JORI reclining chairs: Brainbuilder, Yoga and Symphony.

To emphasise their iconic nature JORI is launching a special edition in exclusive black leather with elegant, black lacquered armrests and base. Moreover, this limited edition benefits from express delivery, just in time for the holiday season.


Icons stand the test of time and make history. Black is the most powerful colour to convey their timeless nature. Black makes an indelible impression thanks to its imposing, contrasting and elegant characteristics. Despite its dominant character black is a neutral hue that fits in seamlessly with a broad spectrum of colours. This means that black seating furniture is easy to integrate into any interior while giving it character.


Seating furniture delivered to your doorstep within 14 days of the date of order. Very gratifying in times where slow delivery is the rule rather than the exception. Nowadays inventory problems and inadequate delivery of (raw) materials are often the cause of prolonged waiting times.
JORI’s Black Express Series no longer tries the consumer’s patience. Home delivery of your iconic reclining chair within two weeks is guaranteed, while stocks last.


Thanks to its patented relax system the JORI reclining chair is probably one of the most popular comfort chairs on the luxury furniture market. To underscore this legendary comfort quality, every model of the Black Express Series will temporarily be delivered with a free complementary leather head cushion, while stocks last.


For this special relax edition JORI has selected three undisputed milestones that are still part of our range today: the reclining chairs Brainbuilder, Yoga and Symphony. The Black Express Series offers the three recliner types in high-quality black leather with black lacquered armrests and base and a free complementary black leather head cushion. Like all other JORI seating furniture, the Black Express Series is expertly assembled in JORI’s own workshops in Belgium and made from the finest materials.

Designer Jean-Pierre Audebert (F)

JORI’s Brainbuilder was created 20 years ago by French designer Audebert and is still a top seller in the reclining chair range. This high-profile recliner and lounge chair probably owes its popularity to a rare combination of purity of design and optimum relaxing comfort provided by the patented JORI relax system.

Price incl. 21% of VAT: 4029 EUR for Brainbuilder mono-move /  4409 EUR for Brainbuilder multi-move
Free complementary head cushion (value €350)
Edition in black quality leather, black lacquered armrests and base.
Continuously adjustable in a single movement (mono-move) or back and footstool adjustable separately (multi-move)
Delivery time: 2 weeks

Designer Verhaert new products (B)

The Yoga recliner, with its ultimate comfort, is one of JORI’s very first designs and stands out through refined design and detailed finishing, such as the delicate creases in the lower back. It balances body and mind and helps you recharge your batteries. A wonderfully zen feeling.

Price incl. 21% of VAT: 2948 EUR
Free complementary head cushion (value €350)
Edition in black quality leather, black lacquered armrests and base.
Continuously adjustable in a single movement (mono-move)
Delivery time: 2 weeks

Designer Jean-Pierre Audebert (F)

Its distinctive design has earned it the nickname of ‘cocoon’ of the JORI collection. It offers the maximum lateral support of a sporty bucket seat, a feeling of comfort further accentuated by the vertical back seam.

The clever combination of cutting-edge technology and sober styling makes it a modern-day icon

Price incl. 21% of VAT: 3227 EUR
Free complementary head cushion (value €350)
Edition in black quality leather, black lacquered armrests and base. 
Continuously adjustable in a single movement (mono-move) 
Delivery time: 2 weeks

About JORI - Designed for dynamic seating

JORI works with international designers to create beautifully ergonomic, personalised sofas and reclining chairs, manufacturing them with the greatest care in its Belgian workshops. This traditional craftsmanship and the use of materials of the very highest quality guarantee the sublime finish and long service life of every item of JORI furniture. These key ingredients have been at the heart of JORI’s success for more than 55 years, offering all customers unparalleled seating comfort, each and every day: designed for dynamic seating.

Distribution is through an international network of independent distributors and agents. Thanks to its annual participation in the furniture fairs of Cologne and Milan the brand’s name awareness continues to grow worldwide. In 2019 JORI opened its first flagship store in Taipei. Since the foundation in 1963, the development of JORI’s unique patented recliner mechanism allowed them to position themselves as the global leader in the recliner sector. In addition to seating furniture the JORI collection also offers a range of tables and footstools.

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