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At imm2023 in Cologne, JORI celebrates 60 years of pioneering dynamic seating comfort with its new creation: the ultimate flexible sofa EDEN.

Design – Sven Hansen

With its recent ‘dancing marketing concept’, JORI clearly focuses on the agile elegance of its collection, each model of which stretches and folds to suit its user. JORI found the perfect ally in Berlin designer Sven Hansen to add lustre to 60 years of dynamic seating comfort with his ultra-flexible creation, the EDEN sofa.

The designer accomplished his task masterfully. With the EDEN sofa, he unites two parameters in one creation: the ultimate in adjustable seating comfort and the pure radiance of timeless design.
A rare creative process in which artistic craftsmanship and ingenious technology are an extension of each other. From a model in clay, Sven Hansen meticulously sculpts his creations into the ideal form. Only then does he cast the f inal ‘work of art’ in a 3D simulation, and sofa EDEN sees the light of day.
But EDEN’s design process does not end here by a long way. After all, design and seating comfort are an inseparable duo for JORI. Consequently, time for the second phase, in which designer and engineer work intensively together to seamlessly tune the design to ultimate flexible seating comfort.
The result is impressive. EDEN has not stolen its name and promises its occupants ‘paradise on earth’ in terms of seating quality. Depending on everyone’s ‘mood’, the sofa can be adjusted from an upright, dynamic seating position to a relaxing one in the blink of an eye. By clicking on the backrest, the head rest frame slides upwards. Now just arrange the head cushion, add the footstool and you are ‘in paradise’.

Like the entire JORI collection, sofa EDEN is manufactured with craftsmanship in the JORI production workshops in Belgium and is available in all leather and fabric qualities of the range. You can also combine the fabric version with a base in quality leather.
The sofa is finished with refined piping all around and an elegant flat seam on the seat in leather or fabric. Back and arm cushions included.
EDEN is offered as a modular sofa range consisting of 3 sofas (160/185/210), 3 build on sofas, a corner and intermediate element and footstool.


Sven Hansen lives and works in Berlin, where he also earned his degree in industrial design. He designs premium, manual crafted upholstery furniture but also highly industrial produced products.

His way of designing reflects this dualism between craft and technology, as he combines up to date computer technology with hand crafted clay models. Especially for furniture with mechanical functions, that enable dynamic seating, it is just perfect to combine these two worlds.

The result is seating furniture with a sustainable, stand alone elegance beyond fashionable moods, and is flexible for all situations of life.

About JORI - Designed for dynamic seating

JORI works with international designers to create beautifully ergonomic, personalised sofas and reclining chairs, manufacturing them with the greatest care in its Belgian workshops. This traditional craftsmanship and the use of materials of the very highest quality guarantee the sublime finish and long service life of every item of JORI furniture. These key ingredients have been at the heart of JORI’s success for more than 55 years, offering all customers unparalleled seating comfort, each and every day: designed for dynamic seating.

Distribution is through an international network of independent distributors and agents. Thanks to its annual participation in the furniture fairs of Cologne and Milan the brand’s name awareness continues to grow worldwide. In 2019 JORI opened its first flagship store in Taipei. Since the foundation in 1963, the development of JORI’s unique patented recliner mechanism allowed them to position themselves as the global leader in the recliner sector. In addition to seating furniture the JORI collection also offers a range of tables and footstools.

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