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Marble is a high-quality, durable natural product that absorbs dirt easily because of its porosity. To prevent this from happening, its maintenance should
be a daily routine rather than a difficult, time-consuming job. JORI advises you to take into account the following guidelines:

After spilling soft drinks, beer, coffee, tea, wine, ... or even water:
Immediately wipe with a damp cloth and wipe the area dry with a chamois or dry cloth straight away. Neglecting to wipe off any spilled liquid or water immediately may discolour the marble.
Lemon juice works wonders on wine stains:
Sprinkle a small quantity of lemon juice on to the stain and wait a short while. Always rinse with clean water then wipe dry immediately.
Cleaning agents for marble are available:
To maintain your marble or remove stains, you can use lukewarm water with washing soda (sodium carbonate), brown soap, ammonia or a few drops of chlorine. Always rinse with clean water and wipe dry immediately.
Avoid any abrasive cleaning agents:
These will scratch the marble and will take away its unique shine.
Avoid excessive use of concentrated solutions with green soap:
This will form a thin, oily layer on the marble, which absorbs dirt and dust and makes the marble look unclean. Always use pH-neutral cleaning agents. Acidic products such as vinegar will dull the marble. Frequent use will even wear away the marble’s top layer and cause an uneven surface. Marble consists of limestone,
which readily dissolves in acid.
Prevent rings, stains and scratches:
Use coasters and/or placemats and lift objects off the furniture when you move them.
Clean the marble regularly:
Use a soft cloth and some lukewarm water. Always rinse with clean water and wipe dry immediately.