Technical specifications

Fabric type : 

A woven fabric which feels very similar to velvet and presents an irregular pile without a nap in any particular direction. The three dimensional character is created by the many lateral hairs of the yarn. During the weaving process two or more threads are twisted and additional soft fibres added. The final result is a velvet look and irregular direction.

Composition : 
35% viscose, 15% polyester, 30% acryl, 20% cotton
Abrasion : 
30.000 Martindale rubs, ISO 12945.

Due to (loose) fibres that stick together with all kinds of external particles (e.g. fluff from clothing), small knots are build on the fabric. This phenomenon often arises after just a short period of use. This can happen with almost every fabric, but plain weaves and felt are most sensitive to it.

Pilling can be avoided by weekly vacuuming the seating furniture to the lowest wattage so household dust is unlikely to settle. Pilling can be easily removed with a qualitative pilling razor. This has no influence on the durability of your fabric (when used correctly) as you only remove the external particles.

Beside pilling also ‘fluff building’ can occur. In this case there are no little knots on the fabric but a kind of blanket made of hairy fibres. These hairs are created by rubbing. This phenomenon can be easily avoided and removed in the same way as pilling.

4, ISO 12945.
Light fastness : 
4-5, ISO 105-B02.
Fabric category : 
Weight : 
Fire protection : 
BS 5852 Cigarette test

Care cleaning

Do not wash
Do not tumble dry
Iron at low temperature
Dry clean
Do not bleach