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Mission statement

JORI Factory in Wervik

From design to finished furniture, over a surface of 31.000 m2
JORI’s business mission consists of five basic elements each emphasising its commitment to consumer interests. 

  • Your
    Let there be no doubt: You are in the seat. Therefore our designs are engineered to make you feel comfortable.
  • Innovative
    We are on a constant quest for the next idea to help you relax.
  • Partner
    We do not want to sell you seats in leather. We want you to feel great when you are relaxing, and we will do anything to get you there.
  • High-End
    JORI means top quality. Which is why it is eminently qualified to take up pride of place in the classiest of environments, both business and residential.
  • Seating
    JORI has developed a wide range of seating furniture to meet with every comfort requirement.