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Each JORI reclining chair has been given the ideal back and seat inclination to give you ergonomically optimal seating comfort. In this stressful world, your reclining chair is an oasis of calm and relaxation.

A unique mechanism

JORI's relax chairs are possibly the best example to demonstrate JORI's unique position. The reclining chair mechanisms are patented and therefore only available in JORI models, but they also illustrate JORI’s persistent quest to achieve seating comfort perfection.

Muscle tone = 0

The reclining mechanism has no seams, so the unit can rotate 360° around its axis very smoothly. This smooth mechanism ensures that the user reaches an optimal ergonomic position we refer to as ‘muscle tone 0’. Any muscle resistance decreases and the body relaxes completely, allowing maximum comfort in any position.

All this is done without making any compromises with regard to the reclining chair’s design: the sleek, sculpted lines of the contemporary chair are guaranteed in any position. To further ensure your comfort, JORI reclining chairs come in a range of dimensions to suit you.