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Are you sitting comfortably? Everything hinges on the support your seating furniture offers.
JORI makes seating furniture which offers optimal support for even better seating comfort. The shape and the materials used are what determine whether you are sitting comfortably.


Which is why every piece of JORI seating furniture has:

  • a beech wood frame
  • durable elastic springs
  • resilient cushions that last
  • Dacron® fibres for a soft touch
  • high-grade leather upholstery

The JORI name is your best guarantee
Your JORI has been designed to offer many years of outstanding seating comfort. Your best guarantee for this being the sheer quality with which each and every JORI is built. Quality which is ensured by our experience of many years' standing and the particularly strict quality control that we have in place. What is more, every piece of JORI seating furniture comes with an international long-term warranty on materials and finish.