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Personalised seating comfort

Striving towards personalised seating comfort is one of the key sources of innovation. JORI is on an unrelenting quest in search of innovative concepts geared to your personal comfort. Every individual is unique. This fact is the basis of every new model that is developed

Comfort is a matter of personal taste
You are looking to relax, unwind, lean back and dream away or clown around having a whale of a time with your kids? You enjoy sensual tenderness or a more rugged touch? 'Comfort' means something different to each of us. Which is why JORI offers such a widely varied range of models, leather types and leather colours.

Your way of life is our starting point
Of all the factors JORI's designers take due consideration of your needs and requirements are pre-eminent. Creating seating furniture which is suited to your living environment and your lifestyle. They are constantly looking for and finding solutions to meet the most diverse seating comfort requirements.