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Leather, easy in maintenance
Leather furniture requires little maintenance. All leather types used by JORI are given an anti-grime and moisture-repellent treatment.

It is very important that you carefully follow JORI’s maintenance instructions. This is particularly important as methods or different products other than those recommended may end up damaging the leather beyond repair. We also distinguish between regular and intensive maintenance. Prevention is better than cure, so certain prevention measures ensure that your sofa remains in top condition for a very long time. Your JORI dealer will gladly provide you with more information.

With the purchase of a leather seating furniture, JORI offers you the first JORI leather care set for free . This way you can keep your high-quality seating furniture in the best condition for many years. A new leather care set is always available at your JORI dealer.


What about stains?
Don’t worry if there is a stain on your leather furniture.

Not to worry. The general tips below will soon help you remove any stains. 

If you would like specific tips, please check the tips on how to remove stains on (slightly) pigmented nappa leather, on pure natural nappa leather or on velours leather.

  • Do not allow liquids to soak into the leather. Sponge up any spilt liquids immediately using a clean, soft sponge or cloth.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure as you rub. You may end up damaging the pigment layer or the pores may clog up leaving the leather to gleam. The latter is especially true where velours leather is concerned.
  • Do not just treat the stain itself but the surrounding surface area as well.
  • Do not panic if the stain has not disappeared completely after treatment. In due course, any traces of treated stains that are left will end up taking on the same patina as the leather.
  • Never use solvents or detergents such as acetone, petrol, pure alcohol or any other kind of detergent.
  • Any doubts? Contact JORI on +32 (0) 56 31 35 01 or at