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Custom-made seating comfort Since 1963

Being at home means to relax. You can just feel totally at ease, and there is nothing nicer than to snuggle up in your own comfortable chair. That is exactly the feeling Juan Jorion aims to translate into his designs. How? With timeless design, personalised seating comfort and by paying attention to everything you consider important. This is Anno 1963: JORI is born.

With a passion for the job, every day tinkering and tweaking until everything is just right, and with respect for the highest quality materials and upholstery fabrics. Juan Jorion is a man with a mission. Because standing still means to go backwards, he is always on the lookout for kindred spirits. Consequently, since the early 70s, JORI has been working with famous names in the world of design. Indeed, internationally renowned product designers are also putting their mark on the JORI story.

To this day, Jori’s DNA continues to translate into contemporary design, guaranteed quality and personalised seating comfort. And every single day, our workforce pulls out all the stops to provide you with a genuine, high-quality product that will stand the test of time. And this well beyond our national borders. This is how JORI has grown into a reliable partner for contemporary seating comfort.

Timeline History

Key Values
The JORI key values guarantee ultimate seating comfort
Innovative seating comfort

At JORI we know that the level of seating comfort can always be improved upon. For us, comfort is the most important aspect of any chair. That is why we constantly strive to innovate. Day in and day out, we mull over our designs, techniques and materials. And in this process, we also consistently review our existing designs. That is the only way to find what you are looking for: customised innovative seating comfort.

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Belgian craftsmanship based on tradition

Belgium enjoys an excellent reputation for quality both at home and abroad. Anyone who says JORI, says Belgian: 100% local manufacture in Wervik. This is our home town, and more than 55 years later it is still our home base. Here at our premises, proud generations of craftspeople put their heart and soul into honing your quality product to perfection. All this goes hand in hand with tradition, professional expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

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Timeless style

We offer permanence in these changing times. At JORI we do not rush through our work, but instead we mindfully respond to long-term trends. We guarantee you that our designs and models will stand up to the test of time, and our sustainable manufacturing methods ensure their reliability. These are the deeply entrenched values of a strong brand that stands for timeless elegance.

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Guaranteed quality

A feel for pure quality. Striving for quality is at the core of the JORI DNA. This translates into guaranteed quality: a balanced design, by selecting the very best raw materials and upholstery fabrics, whilst bearing in mind state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

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